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Outdoor Weddings

Eco-friendly adventure elopements in the Forest of Dean

"A heart-shaped place between two rivers" - Dennis Potter

The Forest of Dean is an ancient woodland with a variety of wild elopement locations to choose from, such as caves, cliffs, stone circles, ancient wells and magical, moss-covered forests

Break away from tradition

Save Costs

Low Impact on the environment

We offer ceremonies in keeping with nature, and this is the most eco-friendly option for our couples who are conscious about the planet and keeping costs down. As well as keeping the planet happy, your pictures of your special day will be incredible! There is no better backdrop than saying your vows at the top of a cliff or at the mouth of a cave in the forest. The possibilities are endless!

We are inclusive, all you need is your love and, a love of nature and an adventurous spirit!

What about the weather?
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We all know that the weather can be unpredictable!


Luckily, it’s easy for our tribe to be flexible.


We work around the best times and days during your stay in the Forest of Dean so that we can get the best weather for your outdoor ceremony.


That said, we do believe that there is no such thing as bad weather!


For those of you who are brave or unable to reschedule, there are still plenty of options for adverse weather, like having your ceremony in a prehistoric cave, or under the forgiving canopy of a sheltered Beech Tree forest.

What is a Celebrant-led Ceremony?
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Simply, a beautiful, totally personalised, and unique ceremony.


Crafted with you by our experienced celebrants, our celebrant-led ceremonies are for our free-spirited couples where self-expression is at the top of the priority list!

This type of ceremony allows you to celebrate your love story anywhere, in any way you choose, and with whomever you want.


In this way, you have the freedom to focus on your love, not the legalities (legalising your marriage is quick, easy and inexpensive – to find out how to legalise your marriage, please check your local council website)

If you’re looking to ditch outdated regulations, restrictions and rules and are ready to embrace something a little more free-spirited and magical, we can help! To find out about experiencing your very own celebrant-led elopement wedding ceremony with us, get in touch!

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