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We understand that life doesn’t stop once you’ve made the journey together and had your whimsical wild elopement or wedding.


What about all those other momentous occasions in life; how do you want to celebrate those touching and life-changing moments?


Ceremony is as important to us as it was to our ancestors.


Throughout history, humans have used ceremonies to honour all kinds of thresholds and rites of passage in life and in death.

Whether you’re already an honorary tribe member or you’re looking to find your tribe, we are here to guide and support you.


Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate a pregnancy?


We have conducted several Soul Welcoming ceremonies (with and without sex reveal!).

We also offer Naming Ceremonies to welcome your little people into their communities and Soul Honouring ceremonies for anyone who has lost someone close and wishes to remember them in their own special way. 
Want to celebrate something and don’t see it listed?


Contact us as we’re more than likely able to help.

Vow Renewable

Maybe you’ve been together for a number of years and would like to honour how much you’ve both changed and celebrate your continued union despite the challenges? Maybe you didn’t ever have the wedding you really dreamed of, or perhaps you would just choose to do it in a completely different way these days?! We can offer intimate and bespoke vow renewal ceremonies that reflect who you are today.

Whether it’s something small (just a couple), or something bigger (we’ve catered up to 40 guests in the forest previously!), we can help you find the perfect location and the perfect words to celebrate you and your special moments in a unique and beautiful way.

For information about outdoor locations or the beautiful rustic venue we offer, please see our

Venue and Outdoor Weddings pages. 

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